Preventative Maintenance with Sump Pumps

Preventative Maintenance with Sump Pumps

So forecasters are calling for rain again. I feel like this beautiful beginning of the spring got us all in the stage where we don’t want to remember that we have problems in the basement or crawlspace. So far everything was dry, right? But remember that even 1 or 2 inches of water may cause damage if you experienced water problems before. Here are some tips to check if you are ready for the real wet spring season.

If you already have waterproofed basement check if the sump pump is working correctly. Most of manufacturers give only one year warranty on the pump. It doesn’t mean that your pump will stop working after a year but that you should be aware that this may happen eventually. If you  experience some problems please call us at 215-716-3727.  One of our waterproofing specialists can come and asses what need to be done.

Sometimes the pump seems to be working fine but you are still getting water. The reason for it is that the pump might be in the wrong location of the basement or that you are in need of waterproofing system. Waterproofing system will get all the water into one spot- the basin with the sump pump in it. And this is what you want and what we are able to provide.

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