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Having a dry basement is critical to the value and functionality of your home, whether you plan to utilize the area as an additional living space or simply for extra storage. You can avoid potentially expensive water and flooding issues by having a proper basement waterproofing system installed. At BAM Waterproofing, we install a pressure relief system, which is a highly effective, interior drainage process. By installing a perforated drainage pipe around the perimeter of the space, excess water is directed to the sump pump, which then safely discharges the water outside of the foundation wall.

Crawl Space

Termite inspector in residential crawl space inspects a sill for termites.

An often overlooked area of your home is the crawlspace. A damp crawlspace can not only give rise to mold and other harmful bacteria, but the collection of water can potentially affect your foundation over time. Similar to the basement waterproofing process, at BAM Waterproofing, we install a pressure relief system, enabling water to be drawn outside of the foundation wall through the sump pump. Additionally, during crawlspace waterproofing, we install a vapor barrier and encapsulation, which are instrumental in reducing moisture problems that often lead to mold and water damage.

Sump Pumps and Back-Up Sump Pump


While waterproofing and water management implementations are important, these systems can only function as well as the sump pump they use to ultimately expel the water outside of your home’s foundation. At BAM Waterproofing, we understand the importance of having a reliable and efficient sump pump that safely funnels and removes excess water, and therefore, we only use commercial-grade sump pumps in all of our water management installations.

Another important component of an effective water management system is the reliability of your back-up sump pump for when the primary sump pump fails, often due to power outages. At BAM Waterproofing, we can install a high-capacity, high-efficiency, water-powered back-up sump pump that does not require electricity or batteries.

Egress Windows

An egress window is a large window that allows people to exit easily as well as providing access for rescue units in case of an emergency and is legally required for any finished basement. At BAM Waterproofing, we install professional egress windows according to building code requirements and measurements, and we encourage homeowners to add egress window installation to any of their basement waterproofing project to save help save time and avoid future hassle.