Air Quality Control

What is the quality of the air you breathe in your home? 40-50% of the air you breathe indoors has been in your basement or crawl space. If you’ve seen, or smelled, evidence of living organisms growing in your basement or crawl space, the quality of the air you are breathing has been compromised and could lead to a variety of health issues. BAM Waterproofing is committed to providing a comprehensive solution to your air quality problem with a water management system and Humidex Basement or Crawl Space Ventilation System.

Here’s how it works:

  1. EXPEL moisture, gases, toxins, and pollutants from the air in the home.
  2. REPLENISH the polluted, damp air with healthy, dry air.
  3. VENTILATE the entire house, drying out the structure.

Unlike a conventional dehumidifier which does not exchange the air, ventilate the basement and is costly to operate, HUMIDEX will provide a healthier, drier and more comfortable home at a fraction of the cost. HUMIDEX reduces humidity, ventilates, cools and lowers heat and air conditioning costs through high-tech controls and systems for whole home.