The Importance of Egress Windows

The Importance of Egress Windows

There are many factors that as a homeowner you should take into consideration when remodeling your basement, but the primary concern above all else should be safety. To ensure that a basement project meets safety requirements, it is important to hire professionals who know and will follow building codes. For example, building codes mandate that all finished basements must have an egress, which is simply a large window that allows people to exit easily as well as providing access for rescue units in case of an emergency. An egress window is not only required by law, but it could make all the difference in a life-threatening event such as a fire.

In addition to its vital function as a safety precaution, an egress can increase the value of your home since it is such an important component to bringing finished basements up to code. Adding another legal living space to your home can easily help recover the original cost of installation. An egress can also have an aesthetic effect to the basement, providing additional natural light and ventilation for added comfort.

In addition to the window itself, an egress also has the benefit of having a ladder or window well to aid in exit or entrance ease in dangerous situations. These window wells often come in liners that mimic natural materials, helping to make your addition not only cost-effective and affordable, but also add visual appeal to potential buyers.

An egress window is a legal necessity AND adds an element of comfort to any finished basement. BAM Waterproofing encourages homeowners to add egress window installation to any of their basement waterproofing project to save time and avoid future hassle. For more information about egress window installation, please check out our website.


  • Eric says:

    Will you install egress windows in an already finished basement? (stand alone project).

    Currently just an above grade hopper window, needs to be replaced with an egress window and well, whoch will require foundation modifications and excavation. lentown PA.

    • Beata Daly says:

      Yes, we can. I will contact you by email for more information on how we can help. Thank you for your comment.

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